Often, it is assumed that it is not “womanly” to work hard and get a little rugged in the gym. Assumptions, regarding what is feminine, are dangerous. CrossFit has proven that women are strong and strong is beautiful.
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows? Yes. And they’ll crush you in a workout.
It’s time to challenge your assumption.


Keeping Women Down

Amazing article from the team over at LBEB (click the title). We, as CrossFit women, hear this all the time from the people standing outside of our circle. 

Why do you want to have muscles?  Are you trying to look like a man?

Hell, even my own sister asked if I really wanted to look like I have no neck when I get married. I blatantly responded:

"One, the whole engagement thing needs to happen first. Let’s worry about my neck later."

I should have showed her a picture of Camille or Christmas.

Truth be told, I love my body…missing neck and all.  We should take pride in our muscles and the ability to throw more weight around than most men. Because if the apocalypse ever happens, my bet is on the CrossFitters.

And all those crazy people on Doomsday Preppers.

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